Porkpie International

Promoting artistic nudity worldwide.

In addition to two weekly shows, BTSQ: Burlesque in Times Square every Sunday at 8:00pm and Dead Sexy Burlesque every Friday (check site for time), Porkpie International produces Pinchbottom's world-renowned burlesque-infused theatrical shows (including Off-Broadway's "Pinchbottom's Pretençión" in 2013 and "The Pinch Brothers in The Bawdy House" in 2014), the annual boylesque extravaganza Shocks & C*cks all nude all dude revue, the spectacular 60 minutes of variety arts that is The Amazing Miracle Hour, and the bump & grind gameshows Grab My Junk and The Naked Truth, which have appeared in over 30 cities in 5 countries on 3 continents.

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